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LDC DIY Group will, over a period of time, be offering a wide variety of loudspeaker drivers, kits, and parts. However, the design of all drivers that will be offered are created specifically for a particular system design format, although, multiple applications are always possible, depending on your skill level. Here is a preview of what you can expect from LDC:


Stealth Driver Line These drivers are intended for application in either 3-piece two-channel formats or 5.1/7.1 home theater/DVD Music formats. This line will include four sizes of mid-bass woofers, 4.5", 5.25", 6.5", and 8". The Stealth name comes from a unique cosmetic feature. Each of these woofers has a injection molded Santoprene surround with the mounting gasket incorporated with the surround in a manner that hides all mounting hardware. These drivers appear to blend into the baffle without the protruding screw or bolt heads like virtually all other designs. This is a very unique look offered by only a few manufacturers in the industry. 

Cosmetics are fun, but performance is the key and these drivers are designed with outstanding wide range characteristics. Using FEA computer thermal, magnetic and mechanical modeling, SpeaD Transducer software and the Klippel analyzer, these drivers all feature injection molded santoprene surrounds, injection molded poly/graphite cones, T-shaped pole pieces, dual copper shorting rings, non-conductive voice coil formers and bullet shaped phase plugs.

Stealth Plus Driver Line Using the same basic feature set as the Stealth line, the Stealth Plus line will include a 5.25" carbon fiber cone version, a 6.5" carbon fiber cone version, and an 8" aluminum cone version.

HyperBass Subwoofers Through a special licensing agreement with Step Technologies, LDC will be offering a very high performance line of high excursion, low distortion, and low inductance dual gap subwoofers. By utilizing patented MMAG (MMag for multiple gap) technology, the HyperBass line yields superior subwoofer performance for a given cone size that is nothing short of spectacular.

Speaker Kits

CinemaMusic Line Featuring home theater/DVD music satellites at various levels of kit completion using the Stealth driver technology. This will include a 5.25" two-way, 6.5" Two-way and an 8" three-way designs. Complementing these high performance theater speakers will be an accompanying set of surround channel speaker kits, utilizing my personal preference for surround speakers, a mono woofer/dipole tweeter format.

HyperSub Line Using the MMag subwoofers, LDC will offer a lineup of servo-controlled subwoofers using both analog and digital amplifiers. The results are well damped, tight sounding bass performance in relatively small box sizes.

Car Audio

HyperBass Car Subwoofers Using the same high performance MMag dual gap technology as the HyperBass home theater subwoofers, these 10" and 12" dual voice coil car subwoofers will offer spectacular performance.

HyperSound Car Component Systems Incorporating the same woofer technology as the Stealth Driver Line, plus very musical sounding soft dome tweeters, these two-way systems will offer sonic performance that is unmatched in their price range.