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Vance Dickason has been working as a professional in the loudspeaker industry since 1974, when he founded Speaker Research Associates (SRA). SRA published the first and second editions of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook and exhibited its high-end loudspeaker products at CES in 1978.áIn 1986, Vance joined forces with Audio Amateur Inc. and became editor of Voice Coil, The Magazine for the Loudspeaker Industry (now in its 19th year of publication) and as contributing editor to Speaker Builder Magazine.áAAI has since published the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and the recently released 7th editions of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook (published in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese) as well as Vance's second book, the computer aided system design tutorial titled Loudspeaker Recipes.

In addition to writing for Voice Coil and Speaker Builder magazines, he has also had articles and reviews published in Audio, Sound and Video Contractor, EQ, and Auto Sound and Security magazines and is the car subwoofer reviewer for Car Audio & Electronics magazine. Over the years, Vance has been interviewed in several audio publications including Rob Report Home Entertainment, (March/April 2005), Car Audio & Electronics (June 2001, Feb. 2005), and Car Stereo Review (Sept. 1987)

Vance has served as the Test & Measurement Chairman for Audio Engineering Society Conventions and Conferences and was awarded the AES Citation Award in 1995 for this long term contribution to audio education. Frequently booked as a guest lecturer, he has deliver presentations for ALMA, The Loudspeaker University, Kenwood's International Installer Conference, and Auto Sound 2000 advanced seminars.áHe has also lectured extensively on LEAP/LMS CAD system design and provided corporate seminars on this subject for Harman International (JBL, Infinity, Revel), Samsung, Kenwood, Klipsch and others.

For the past twelve years, Vance has been working as an engineering design consultant for various speaker manufacturers and is responsible for numerous award winning designs, including twenty THX« home theater certifications.áThe current and past list of customers that employed his test and measurement services or had designs created for the marketplace includes Snell, Atlantic Technology, MB Quart, Rodgers Instrument, Kenwood, Stillwater Designs, Signet, M&K, Audax, Audix, Fishman Transducers, NEAR, Dai Ichi, Samsung, Niles, Microsoft, Artison, Sapphire Audio, coNEXTion Systems, NEAR, HIVI Research/Swans Speakers, and Parasound (Stillwater Designs and Kenwood were measurement services only).áSpeakers that Vance designed that have won magazine and industry design awards include the Artison Portrait, Atlantic 170, 270, 370, 450 and 8200, and the coNEXTion Sonoma 10 and z600c.

Download the Interviews
Robb Report Home Entertainment (2727kb PDF)   
Car Audio & Electronics (1) (3873kb PDF)
Car Audio & Electronics (2) (5741kb PDF)
Car Stereo Review (4652kb PDF)